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About Us | The Anatolian Journal of Cardiology

About Us

(Published as an Editorial in the first issue of our journal which was published in March 2001) 

1. Reasons for publication of Anatolian J Cardiol

A large amount of periodicals, having great contributions to cardiological science and illuminating the results of valuable studies on cardiology has being published in Turkiye since a long period of time. The Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology, by its quantity and quality, undoubtedly is a leading one in this field.

It is well known that existance of a such a periodical in Turkish cardiological community stimulates and encourages publishing of other cardiological journals. As a result we own several new journals supported by Turkish cardiological community and found valuable by physicians and relevant professional groups.

The scientific research becomes valuable when it contributes and promotes our knowledge, and its results are used by other investigators, i.e. when it is cited and included into the international citation indexes. The Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology is the single journal on cardiology among 28 periodicals included into Excerpta Medica and its electronic version EMBASE. Since 1994, TUBITAK and ULAKBILIM have started the work on creation of the Turkish medical index. Primary aim of The Anatolian Journal of Cardiology (Anatolian J Cardiol) is to enter these indexes. Nowadays, in the milieu of geometric increase of scientific knowledge, the exclusive way to inform the wide range of specialists, working at the same field is to be included into the above-mentioned medical indexes. Otherwise, produced findings are condemned to be forgotten.

The aim is to publish qualified, continual and original periodical on cardiology of international quality that will be supported by all cardiologists and investigators (1).

Despite the reality of high potential cardiology community in Turkiye, the sufficient number of periodicals on cardiology mentioned in SCI and Index Medicus are still not available. Absence of sufficient number of serious periodicals quoted at the International and European indexes is the main reason why we are not objected and presented at world cardiological community despite existing a lot of scientists, whose works has been published in the leading international journals and has been presented at the main scientific congresses.

Up to now, I could not witness the efforts to interrogate, to ascertain and to find the ways of establishing and producing solutions of the above-mentioned problems.

Instead of race about the same track, it is better to discover the ways and solutions of bringing forward the investigators from the National toward the International quality. 

2. Aim 

Reasons for joining of The Anatolian Journal of Cardiology into the above mentioned fields could not be easily denied by investigators.

The aim of the journal is not only to be a good journal but is to publish such a journal that could be accepted as a good periodical by international judjes, that revised our papers published in international journals, presented at international meetings and thus to reach international levels. If we will not plan sufficiently high goals, the power, respect and breath of this journal will show so low performance. The goal should be as sacred as the greatness of the aim.

The main aim is to keep a balance between the number of published and cited papers. This impact factor (bibliographic parameter) is equal to 9.9 for Circulation, 7.4 for JACC and 3.63 for European J of Cardiology (2-3).

The primary goal of Anatolian J Cardiol is to introduce Turkish Cardiology to the world cardiological community. Today or tomorrow, periodical is a tool, the target is to affluent the periodical in 10 years.

It is necessary to start with joining Turkish Medical index and to familiarize it with Turkish scientists. At the same time to get a considerable place among international periodicals on cardiology.

At the beginning we should not await for certain differences between existent periodicals on cardiology and Anatolian J Cardiol. These differences will turn to the account of Anatolian J Cardiol in case of publishing of larger amounts of excellent and good quality papers. 

3- Content of the journal

All kind of knowledge contributing to the development of science by its content, value, level and originality will be comprized by Anatolian J Cardiol.

Problems of public health and their solutions are at the head of the windows opening us to the Europe. Peculiar for Turkish cardiology matters will be considered for publication with priority. Though we, clinicians, are not keen much investigations on fundamental and experimental cardiology, one should remain that Nobel prizes has been awarded for scientific contributions in fundamental, but not clinical field.

Letters to the Editor will form the main part of the journal. By this means, experience and critics of wide cardiological groups on subjects will be obtained. Finally, these letters will arbitrate not authors of the papers but mostly work of independent referees considered the paper for publication. Through this, letters will give an opportunity to offer published works to the attention of readers and referees with lack of prejudice.

Letters to the Editor through matters will make certain the communication-forum with wide mass of readers.

It will be an opportunity to descend from tribune to the ground for those scientists, who notice mistakes of independent referees and usually remain silent.

The matters on cardiology, being interesting for the community and discussed by media in form of news-promotion-knowledge- advertisement, should be offerred after independent evaluation to Turkish people in their real form. Any approach, leading community to unnecessary excitement, giving wrong information, carrying any profit or moreover hidden intents, should be avoided. In this terms, there should be no immunity for any person, organization or firm.

The journal by its content should assist in communication of physicians. All questions concerning scientific level, though more administrative, problems as staff quiries, intentions and decisions of the Ministry of Public Health should be opened to discussion in narrow frame.

One part should be devoted to the evaluation of qualified scientific meetings on cardiology in way of their summary. Especially, scientific contributions and innovations should be reflected (emphasized) in the content.

Post and pre-graduate education should get out of ranges of tool-equipment promotion of firms and take valuable place in the content of the journal. The considerable part should be constituted in way of summary of post-graduate courses and works evaluating developments in medical education. 

4- Functioning of the Journal

The first issue of the journal will be released in spring 2001, probably in March. If one will examine attentively the aim of the journal it could be thought to be hasty. The periodical by its shape, functional appearence and arrangement will be formed after step-by-step evaluation of all negative and well-substantiated sides of existing periodicals on cardiology.

The starting point will be based only on independent, far from sentimentality scientific straightness and contribution to upper level of science. The self-respect of the publisher will all the time be higher than profit. The common benefits of the Turkey, but not profits of a single group, city of faculty will be taken in account in the functioning of the journal. It should be the periodical of the Turkish cardiology. Taking in consideration the superiority of prompt use of Turkish language, encouraging of publications in English one, will affluence the content and at the same time will facilitate approval in the citation indexes abroad.

Independent, qualified, experienced, predisposed to examination-criticizm, hard-working (diligent) referees with ability of making the decision correctly and rapidly are the important components of well-functioning periodical. Referees-advisors of the first issues will not be constant and permanent. Main and permanent referee-advisor's board will be formed of hundreds of distinguished Turkish and world cardiologists, owners of the above-mentioned features, after determination of their time dedicated to the journal and self-sacrifice. Though scientific board will consist of referees, associate editors and their assisstants will take the main responsibility and stand to all criticizm.

Editorial work is only one of the important factors determining the quality of Anatolian J Cardiol. There should be no significant differences between Editor and advisor-referees in selection of papers for publication.

The referees debates on acceptance-rejection decisions and disbelief on independent judge are the undesirable drawbacks of the journals functioning. Cardiology as other sciences is a fast-developed, proposed more than one etiology and mechanisms for varied diseases, science. It is obviously to referees not to keep side of person, but alternatives. It should not be appraised as a prejudice. Assuming that only 50% of papers, sent by investigator, will be considered for publication, he should prepare himself for corrections. The main point of the functioning of the journal, is that decisions of at least three referees are always open to surprises not only in our country but also abroad.

The consistenly encounted result is that paper rejected by AHA is published in Circulation and is accepted by ACC. Unfortunately, Anatolian J Cardiol will also have share of these cases.

The best way to improve the referees acceptance, faith and activity is to recognize well advisors and other one is to encourage authors to require names of three experts in the field of their investigation. One of the three referees may be proposed by Editor. While examining of this approach, it becomes evident that most of rejections are coming from the referees selected by authors.

The fast and prompt conclusions of referees and arrangement of publications in order are the other important problems. It is well estimated, that decision making takes more than two months as well as in our conutry and in abroad. The main reason for the delay is intensity of referees work, absence of enthusiasm, and mainly is due to the passing through the meticilous investigation-examination process. The advancement of the referees independent reports to the authors of papers should be ensureness of trust for investigators. Taking in consideration the 50% of rejections, periodical that sufficiently won ones confidence will get sufficient number of publications.

The rejections proportion in European Heart Journal is 87%, in American Journal of Cardiology - 68% (4). Thus, high quality, as a result the referred proportion of papers and periodical will raise in value. 

5-Shape of the journal

The first issue of The Anatolian Journal of Cardiology will be printed on appropriate glossy paper with a glossy cardboard cover. The typesetting will be designed as 6-8-10 points in double column. Instructions for authors will include known configurations of international respected journals. As needed, colour prints of sufficient number of fotographs will be accepted. Short editoreals, original articles, case reports, summaries of education developments and issues on social cardiology will be arranged in order.

The necessary for interested in cardiology primary aid practitioners, fellows-in-training in internal medicine and cardiology and assistant professors, knowledge will be defined and required for this purpose arrangement will be performed.

In addition, original papers concerning nursing, gerontologic care, primary prophylaxis, health economy and other fields of cardiovascular prevention will be accepted for publication.

Priority will be given to the published-presented in our country references. By request, references and results of statistical analysis should be prepared in instructed forms for the offering to referees view. In order to prevent polemics, the acknowledgment of all authors will be requested by need, in case of debates and disapproval testimony of organization may be necessitated. The acknowledgment of the responsible persons for clinical and laboratory results will be requested if work would be done abroad.

Electronic mail will be all the time the most confident and fast way of communication. E-mail address and Web-site will be prepared and secreteriat will be in Eskisehir.

The existence of any journal on cardiology in our country is based on the advertisements of medicine and equipment industry. These advertisements will be settled in appropriate for aim fashion, without altering the course of the paper and with sufficient aesthetic. 

6- The secreteriat of the journal

The editorial mission of The Anatolian Journal of Cardiology is undertaken by Prof. Dr. Bilgin Timuralp from the Cardiology department, Medical Faculty of Osmangazi University, Eskişehir, Turkey. The publishing of the journal is undertaken by Kare Publishing (İstanbul,Turkey) 

7- Conclusion

The success of any periodical is based on the quality of published papers. That is why, I wish you would prefer firstly Anatolian J Cardiol while writing paper.Because we are obliged to keep high standards, publications will not be convenient, nevertheless don't be dissapointed.

Prof. Dr. Bilgin Timuralp

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March 2001

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